What is Paladium ?

A human size co-working community, where ideas grow through sharing your workspace with other creators and business professionals.
At Paladium, working side by side in uniquely designed collaboration space, offers a workplace solution that is simple, yet intimate.
This 300m2 office space is only a short distance from the train station, and fosters a collaborative environment to network and develop your business!
Come join the movement where different personalities come together, radiating respect, meaningful discussions and powerful, positive change.
Big ideas, start with the small steps that we take, day in and day out!

Our spaces

More conviviality, exchange and sharing!
Choose your place and find yourself in the heart of the Paladium community.
Meet and share your professional skills with other coworkers. Learn new skills, while teaching what you know to others to ensure a successful project and help one another develop their knowledge and understanding.
Box Steve Jobs
Box Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs
Our master to all ... Inventor and creator, visionary, he is THE major figure of the new tech by making electronics General public. His creations like the IPhone, the personal computer, the digital walkman or the touch pad as much as his conferences have made him famous all over the world. He left us in October 2011.
And yet everything continues ...

Can accommodate up to 4 people. Small quiet Small, quiet place, where chatting and exchanging are the golden rule, knitted with family spirit.
Box Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg
The young boy of the band ... Born in 1984, it is only at 20 years after 2000 that he has the idea with 2 partners to create the first social network within their faculty. This opportunistic genius is also launching his own network. FACEBOOK is born ....
This color-blind engineering contractor (yes), despite many twists and turns on his way has led his social network to the world rank. Today more than 1.5 billion people use it daily.

Can accommodate up to 4 people. Intimate and preserved space to share and exchange between coworkers in a flowery and rustic setting.
Box Mark Zuckerberg
Box Jeff Bezos
Box Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos
He is the observer of the web. He notes that the growth of this new channel is second to none in the world. He creates his own online bookstore and offers millions of titles by allowing the entire planet to access his library. Today, he is at the head of the largest online sales company in the world ...
His doctrine: "regret later not to have participated in the greatest adventure in the world ... INTERNET ..."

Can accommodate up to 6 people. This is the most isolated box, with a "made in Normandy" feeling, great for small meetings.
Box Elon Musk
Elon Musk
He is the furious and brilliant inventor turned billionaire of recent years. Like all "geniuses" in their time who have passed through the centuries, he fascinates with his diversified creativity but is frightening and impresses because as he likes to quote: "his limits are limitless ..."
Founder of Paypal payment system, Tesla cars, SpaceX space transportation or The Boring compagny, this touch to excels in all areas. His will and vision have only one goal: "Change the world and humanity"
His goals include reducing global warming through the production and consumption of sustainable energies and reducing the risk of human extinction by creating a multi-planetary life through the establishment of a human colony on Mars.
A mad person….

Can accommodate up to 4 people. Exchange with your colleagues under the watchful eye of Dostoyevsky. Be careful, he's watching you…
Box Elon Musk
Giant Green Sofa
The Giant Green Sofa
The sofa is undoubtedly one of our favorite furniture. And it is no coincidence, since much of the time we spend at home, it is just sitting or lying comfortably on the couch.
With friends, couples, family and even with our pets, he has become much more than just a seat. It allows us to share experiences, work and relax.

The Giant Green Sofa can accommodate up to 5 people in relaxation mode. This is already the favorite spot of our coworkers who share the hashtag #giantgreensofa on . Come and try it!
Ice Gallery
Like the emblematic gallery of the castle of Versailles, it is the bright space where ideas are fused. They are reflected in the mirrors and accentuate the exchanges. The ideas incubator at your fingertips. So now, on your marks, ready, develop ...
Can accommodate up to 8 people face to face. This is the boomerang spot, where ideas are exchanged or you get in the zone to crush a long working session.
Galerie des glaces
La Green Zone
The Green Zone
Come and rest in the green zone ... Develop and exchange in peace, on the lawn sheltered from trees, close your eyes and listen to the song of birds. This is the place that will help you grow and grow your ideas.
Work, yes but "in the cool" in nature, what else ? ...

Can accommodate up to 10 people. The ideal spot to develop your business, or work through group projects as a team.
Central Park
Located in the heart of the open space, it is bounded to the West by the Ice Gallery, to the East by the Green Giant Sofa, GAFA Boxing in the South and finally to the North for the Green Zone. This is the strategic place where you want to be seen. Everyone circulates around and comes to bring his "touch" or his advice. This is the central exchange spot of the space.
It can accommodate up to 8 people sitting, and a lot more standing up and gathering around the conversation.
Galerie des glaces
La Galerie des Portraits
The Portraits Gallery
It's like a doctor's waiting room, a place that serves no purpose except to wait. At Paladium, we prefers to sit down to think, to exchange while dreaming to see his face on one of the many frames hanging on the wall. Become a model, what do I say, a guide for future coworkers.
Today is only a dream, but tomorrow ... surely a reality, we can always dream.

The waiting room can contain a maximum of 10 "patients" and is a great place to socialize.
The Printing Area

If there are too many people at the printer, don't moan or complain…Anyway, you are used to traffic jams.
Printing zone
La Cafétéria
La Cafétéria
La Cafétéria
La Cafétéria
The Cafeteria
A place to eat where it's good to come and drink a hot drink in the morning after a sweet night's rest. The cafeteria calls for relaxation surrounded by a bunch of wild beasties, the time of a break necessary and beneficial in the day of work so intense. We can eat, drink, receive, buy local products or watch a good series on Netflix. Stop dreaming, you have to go back to work ...
The cafeteria can hold as many people as there is food to sustain them!
Our Offices
You want a placeholder for you or your company? We offer dedicated offices. You can arrange them according to your taste, your style or if you wish, we can help you to furnish and decorate them. It's you who choose.

4 dedicated offices at your disposal:

- Office G1 : 12,18 m2 up to 4 people
- Office A1 : 22,31 m2 up to 8 people
- Office F1 : 13,35 m2 up to 5 people
- Office A2 : 17,84 m2 up to 6 people
Nos Bureaux
Nos Bureaux
Nos Bureaux
Nos Bureaux
Salle de réunion
The meeting room
It's the best to work in a trendy and atypical place but when I receive my clients, my banker or my lawyer, I am happy to be able to welcome them in a neutral and equipped space.

We can accommodate up to 10 people seated. The meeting room is equipped with a king size projection screen TV and a large whiteboard, used to share your ideas and brainstorm with ease.
The room can be booked even if you are not part of the Paladium community. Don't hesitate to contact us through messenger, in order to book a meeting.
With the community Paladium, you will shine. Beyond a workspace, you will enjoy the virtues of "working together" with many opportunities to share:
petit déjeuner


To start the day well (it's important).



To start the evening well (it's important).



Events led by experts

Our advantages

Location and access

Located 3 minutes from the train station near the animation, restaurants and shops.

Flexible work place or dedicated office

Choose between a dedicated workstation or use a flexible coworking desk.

Internet access and equipment

Enjoy unlimited internet access and a printer / copier / scanner for A4 format and A3.

Coffee shop

Cafeteria equipped with a microwave, coffee machine, kettle, refrigerator, dishwasher, ... Relax and eat on site.

Free schedules

Ability to work at your own pace and in accordance with your own schedule with 24/7 access to your workspace

Sharing and exchange

In a friendly and comfortable space, the Paladium team is open to the exchange of services, sharing experiences and moments of relaxation (aperitifs, after work, ...).


Discover our different offers and contact us for availability!

Access 7 days PASS Monthly PASS Dedicated office
  Starting from 99€! Starting from 299€! Starting from 800€!
Access 24h / 7d
Unlimited secure Wifi
Flex desk in the coworking space
Meeting room
Cafeteria (hot drinks, cereals, water ...)
Paladium mailbox
Printer (photocopy, scan, ...)
Paladium Network
Private office

A different place for your meetings

If you aren't yet part of our community, you can still benefit from our space. Organize your team building activities or set-up meetings with your customers. Don't hesitate to take advantage of all we have to offer.
Contact us and book your next appointment at Paladium.

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