Discover ceramic 3D printing with Angelika

Hello Angelika ! A few words to tell us who you are?

Ciao! My name is Angelika Bocian-Jaworska, I am an architect and researcher originally from Poland, after studying and working in various countries, finally located in Luxembourg.

I am focusing on 3D printing ceramics, which is the first step in my life mission to 3D print houses from sustainable materials. ♻

Äerd Lab, why this name?

Äerd [ang. Earth] Lab is a lab dealing with natural materials such as clay, porcelain, stoneware, all the good that the earth has given us.

Additionally, the word ‘ Äerd ‘ only occurs in Luxembourgish, which makes it unique. 😏

You recently worked with the caterer Kaempff-Kohler, can you tell us about this experience?

I feel excited about this cooperation because it is one of the first and at the same time very prestigious. Together with Kaempff-Kohler, we created a limited edition of Mother’s Day gifts, which consisted of 3D printed porcelain bowls and the highest quality pralines. I am very grateful for trust and look forward to the upcoming cooperation with Luxembourgish brands. 

Describe your typical day?

The first thing I do is starting 3D printers, then I enjoy a coffee with plant milk on Jardin Secret’s terrace.  In general I spend my morning designing new pieces or/and preparing clay. At lunch, I enjoy a good planche of cold cuts and cheese before testing new designs or animating workshops. 

What’s your favorite thing about Paladium coworkings?

I love the Paladium community because you can get a daily dose of motivation and help in crisis situations (technical and psychological). 😎  

What advice would you give to a new entrepreneur?

Stay focused and consistent. Simply that.

The links to your site and your social networks?

I don’t have a website for now, but you can find my work on Instagram

Credit : Natalia Wrona.

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